Where to Buy Colloidal Silver Las Vegas

There are only two kinds of colloidal silver. (Commercially)

  1. Mild protein colloidal silver, process is 116 years old. (up to 1100ppm)
  2. The second process uses high-voltage electricity. (generally 20 ppm) 25 yrs

Colloidal Silver Concentration ?

Colloidal Silver works topically, as test show all virus & bacteria dead in 4 min. (in vitro)(20 ppm)

Colloidal Silver internally, is diluted with 5-6 liters of blood, if working with an aggressive pathogen it would make sense to use a higher parts per million (ppm) colloidal silver. (up to 1100 PPM)

Colloidal Silver was the main prescription for antibiotic, prior to penicillin.